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Tips on Progressive Parlay Betting

Progressive Parlay Betting allows you to bet on four to twelve events to win. Even if some of the events in the bettor's Progressive Parlay lose, he may still win the wager.

Progressive Parlay Betting is accepted only on the Point Spread, not on the Money Line or Totals. Progressive Parlay Bet rules are as follows:

Progressive Parlay Betting Payouts

Each type of Progressive Parlay Bet uses different odds to pay out winning wagers.

 All Teams
1 Team
2 Teams
3 Teams
4 Teams 5:11:1----
5 Teams11:12:1-- --
6 Teams20:19:2 -- --
7 Teams40:1 4:11:2 --
8 Teams75:110:12:1--
9 Teams150:120:15:2--
10 Teams250:125:13:11:1
11 Teams400:160:15:11:1
12 Teams900:180:110:13:1

The parlay payout table above is valid if all selections within the Progressive Parlay are based on the standard point spread line of -110 (bet $110 to win $100). A "--" in the table above indicates a losing parlay. Payout odds are subject to change without prior notice.

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